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28. dubna 2012 v 19:44 | Patty |  Ringer
Sepsala jsem Vám seznam všech písní, které v jednotlivých dílech Ringer zazněly. Kurzívou je napsán název písně.

1x01 Pilot
25 Or 6 to 4 - Pacifika
Cinema - Benny Bannasi (feat. Gary Go)
Go For Miles - Tight White Jean
I Fall to Pieces - Patsy Cline
Kickface - Little Foot Long Foot
Lost in Dances - Freedom or Death
MDV Neverest - Hey Champ
Purified - Tamar Kaprelian
Secret Chambers - Revision
We Won't Run - Sarah Blasko
You Sink Me - Justin Clayton

1x02 She's Ruining Everything
Who Are You, Really? - Mikky Ekko
Crystalfilm - Little Dragon
Come in from the Rain - Sponge
You Showed Me - The Watson Twins
Break Out - Neil Ormandy
Boy Wait 4 This - White Light Syndrome
Feel the Love - Fonzerelli (feat. Digital Glitter)
Hold On - The Chain Gang of 1974
Little Deschutes - Laura Veirs
Televised - Calla
Everything - Lifehouse

1x03 If You Ever Want a French Lesson
She's a River - Firehorse
Leanin - Niko Villamor
Dragon Lady - Street Light Suzie
Je Bois Monsieur - LaFille
Cream Cadillac - Beat Ventriloquists (feat. Dane Hall)
Hell's Angel - Thurz (feat. Bj The Chicago Kid)
Strikefoot - Sea of Bees
Le Male Appetit - LaFille
Video Games - Lana Del Rey
Glory Box - Portishead
Think I Love Her - DJ Smiles
The Masters - LLgl TnDR

1x04 It's Gonna Kill Me, But I'll Do it
Until We Bleed - Andreas Kleerup (feat. Lykke Li)
IIs sont marrant les gens - Olivier Libaux (feat. JP Nataf)
Waves - Deluka
Shoulda Known Better - Samantha Farrell
Celle de mes 20 ans - Mélanie Pain
Foul - New Found Land
Irreversible Time - IIaria
Let You Sleep Tonight - Young Empires
Sunny Day - Film School
The Lighthouse Will Lead You Out - Cashier No. 9

1x05 A Whole New Kind of Bitch
Always Find Me Here - Transit
Vultures - Jess Mills
The Drug - Ghostbird
I'm Still Hot - Luciana (feat. Betty White)
Up and Away - Theo Martins
Fall in, Fall out - The Post War
The Ghosts - John & Jehn
Liquidation Sale - Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers
That Girl - Nsr
Control - Chemical Heroes (feat. T Shirt)
Party Dress - Beth Thornley
The Experiment - Gio Taylor
Auld Lang Sync - Treologic

1x06 The Poor Kids Do it Every Day
Unless I'm Led - Mates of State
God's Gonna Cut You Down - Constanza
Scary - Lindbergh Palace
Hypocrisy - Digital Sons
It's Just Life - Gio Taylor
Midnight Ride - N.E.P.H.E.W.
You Want My Love - Rushmore

1x07 Oh Gawd, There's Two of Them?
Doctor - Parker House and Theory
After It - Julie Walehwa
Double Edge - Emika
Drive - Shotgun Radio
Dust Bowl III - Other Lives
Falling - Hamdan Al Abri
Haywired - Ed - Harcourt

1x08 Maybe We Can Get a Dog Instead
Catch Me - The Jezabels
Daytime aka There Goes The Night - The Stereo System
Down to the Infinity - Too Young Too Love
Leaving Me - With Lions
Melted Away - Belle Rev
Open Season - High Highs

1x09 Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna
Ritual Union - Little Dragon
Flowers Bloom - High Highs
Fire Escape - Matthew Mayfield
Apparitions - The Raveonettes
The Sun - The Naked and Famous
Stereo - Adaline
Tell Me - Au Revoir Simone
Come to Nothing - Car Stereo Wars
Drawn From Memory - Heavy Young Heathens

1x10 That's What You Get For Trying To Kill Me
Take Me As I am - Au Revoir Simone
Rumour Has it - Adele
Hear the Noise That Moves So Soft and Low - James Vincent McMorrow
Pulse - I Break Horses
For You - Up Down Up
Toi Et Moi - La Boutique

1x11 It Just Got Normal
Don't Give Up - Kari Kimmel
Cold Hands - Eelke Kleijn & Astrid Kunst
Holidays - Miami Horror (feat. Alan Palomo)
It - Rich Aucoin
Mister Cripser - Risk One
Neurotic Nancy - Bullet & Snowfox
The Lost Loves - Young Heretics
These Tears - Spiritchaser

1x12 What Are You Doing Here, Ho-bag?
All the Little Birds - Joy Askew
Devil in the Detail - The Ambience Affair
For You - Tin Sparrow
Haunted - Happy Juliet
Hope is Not Enough - I Like Trains
Remember the Good Things - Milosh
Riverside - Agnes Obel
Tainted Love - Benlow

1x13 It's Easy to Cry When This Much Cash is Involved
Mirrors - Gemini Club
For What It's Worth - Maggie Eckford
Cavalcade - Mitten
Blue Jeans - Lana Del Rey
Vulture - She Keeps Bees
Undertow - Warpaint
Friedrichshain - Chelsea Wolfe
Leaves Start Trembling - Feathers
The Well - Soma Sonic
Wreckage - Beat Ventriloquists (feat. Rosey)

1x14 Whores Don't Make That Much
Vessel - Zola Jesus
Bay of Skaill - Hannah Peel
Desvelada - The Knot
Fear is Like Fire - Fink
Funeral Beat - Peggy Sue
Pick it Up - B-Mac
Same Direction - Hoobastank
Searching For the Words - Emily Greene
When You Dream - Sara Jackson-Holman

1x15 P.S. You're an Idiot
Ain't No Sunshine - Royal Wood
Bagatelle in F Major, Op. 33/3 - Hanae Nakajima
Can We Stay - The Woodlands
Come Get Some - Guitaro
Dance Me a Number - The Steepwater Band
Demons - Chelsea Wolfe
Le Petit Boléro - Paname Dandies
Pinky's Dream - David Lynch (feat. Karen O)
The Beast - Austra
The Good Stuff - Scarbrough & Bennar
Dance She Said - Sebastian R Komor

1x16 You're Way Too Pretty To Go To Jail
Beautiful Spaces - Belle Rev
Believe - Feathers
Get Off - Stereofunk
Lafaye - School of Seven Bells
Lovin' You Baby - Charles Bradley (feat. Menahan Street Band)
Move - The P1 Move (feat. Ami Saraiya)
Serpents - Sharon Van Etten
Matters - The P1 Move (feat. Ami Saraiya)

1x17 What We Have is Worth the Pain
Surrender - Digital Daggers
All the Rowboats - Regina Spektor
Dance Around the Fire - The Golden Filter
Further To Fall - Dan Craig
See Me - She Keeps Bees
State of Seduction - Digital Daggers
The Down Dumbing - Qwel & Maker
Turn Around - Losers

1x18 That Woman's Never Been a Victim Her Entire Life
Black and White Pictures - The Dahls
Conquer Me - Namur
Smoke and Mirrors - Gotye
Test of Faith - Sea Stars
Who to Trust - Samantha Farrell
Tightrope - Joy Williams

1x19 Let's Kill Bridget
Hurry Hurry - Jessie Baylin
Killing Time - Ducky
Perfect Buddies - Krief
Simplicity - Soma Sonic
Stray Bullet Woman - Greenleaf
The Debil and Me - Cinephile
Year of the Tiger - St. Vincent

1x20 If You're Just an Evil Bitch Then Get Over It
The Good Stuff - Anita Benner
Marching Song - Esben & The Witch
La Figlia Del Reggimento - "Convien Partit" - Donizetti - The Royal Philarmonic of Vienna
Monsters - Conner Youngblood
Promise - Mirah
Scars - Anna Nalick
White Gold - Labyrinth Ear

1x21 It's Called Improvising, Bitch!
Love Hurts - Marie Moreshead
J'adore - Shane Eli & Adele Jacques
Before You Lose It - Naama Kates
Cast That Devil Out - Abbe May
I Know - David Lynch
Everyone Falls - Beth Thornley
Believe Me I Believe - Anya Marina

1x22 I'm The Good Twin
Stay With Me - New Found Land
She's Long Gone - The Black Keys
Silent Space - Jess Mills
Make it Happen - Gemma Ray
Could it Be Real - Soma Sonic
Fire in My Head - Grand Ole Party
Sea of Regrets - I Like Trains
Temptation - Shawn Snyder
The One - Horx & P3000

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1 Alyson Alyson | Web | 28. dubna 2012 v 22:16 | Reagovat

Jůů tak to sem ráda za ty písnčky:) si je hnedka pujdu stáhnout:)

2 ringercz ringercz | Web | 28. dubna 2012 v 23:02 | Reagovat

no někdo právě ty money musi vydelavat :DD :) jou ty ses pustila do hudby jo? :) tka kdyz ted nejsou ty novinky zejo :/ jo jinak ta anketa? hruza.. predbehlo nas uz i dokonce Community kterej byl vzdycky pozadu.. :/

3 ringercz ringercz | Web | 28. dubna 2012 v 23:26 | Reagovat

no snad ne.. :D ale jako pocitam stim no.. :D :/ teda klepu do dreva aby se tak nestalo.. :D ;) jinak jasne no to mame asi uz prohrany.. kdyz to konci zejtra zejo.. :(

4 ringercz ringercz | Web | 28. dubna 2012 v 23:48 | Reagovat

no prave.. taky koukam kde sou ty procenta a oni nam to spratci ukryli.. :D stejne ale prohravame to je jasny.. :/

5 valleria valleria | Web | 1. května 2012 v 11:15 | Reagovat

Nejvíc mě nadchlo, když tam byla Everything od Lifehouse, ale jinak většinu jsem neznala.

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